Burt’s Bees Partners with Jenny Bird to Save the Bees


If you’re not privy to the ordeal going down in Canada with the case of the missing bees, then you’ll get a load of this. Apparently Canada’s bee population is decreasing and the seriousness of the issue has warranted lots of press and plenty of planet pushers on twitter working to keep hope alive.

Even long-time bee lovers and big brand Burt’s Bees is getting in on the action. They recently commissioned indie-luxe Canadian jewelry designer Jenny Bird to design an exclusive bracelet to help generate financial support for Pollinator Partnership; a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to protect and restore the populations of pollinator species, especially bees. Without these bees  many of our nutrient-rich crops will disappear.

The “For The Bees Bracelet” is available in 18 karat gold dipped brass and sterling silver dipped brass retailing for CAD $24.00. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to Pollinator Partnership. So what say you Posh Beauty readers? Are you going to be down for the cause and get a bracelet?



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