Butter London Reveals A Heavy Medal Olympics Collection

The Summer Olympics are nearly at hand, and while you’re probably not in-training for the competition, there is no reason you can’t support the international athletes that are… with a good mani/pedi. And London’s Butter London nail brand is on hand to help!

Butter London Heavy Medal Trio

Butter London is certainly not shy about nodding to it’s hometown. If you’ll recall their recent homage hue to Queen Elizabeth’s Lillibet Jubilee and the No More Waity Katie color they unleashed at the announcement of Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s engagement — this summer’s 2012 Olympic celebrations are no different. The sought after nail lacquer has revealed a new three-piece collection of limited edition shades in honor of the sporting event to commemorate London’s big summer sports soiree. The shades are a fitting gold, silver and bronze… so even if you’re not a big winner… you’ll certainly feel like one.


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