Can Mark Wahlberg Do It Again?

I am sure we all remember when “Marky Mark” Wahlberg stripped down to his Calvin Klein undies (as seen above) and set the standard for men’s underwear ads, and celebrity endorsed fashion campaigns. Well it looks like the company PRVCY has reached out to the star to be the face of their men’s line in hopes that he can repeat his success from the early 90′s.┬áThe 40-year-old rapper turned actor was chosen because of “his amazing record of boosting the Calvin Klein brand,” and they expect the actor’s “powerhouse image to do the same for PRVCY.”

Although it may be a bit of a stretch that the actor will get nearly as much attention as he did when he was much younger, he has already brought a decent amount of attention to the line just by deciding to do the campaign. He will more of a “brand ambassador” than a model according to the resources. He will begin with focusing on pushing the denim, but the campaign will expand to him promoting all of their clothes, including underwear. Let’s hope he can repeat his success!

P.S.- It’s a little weird that the brand chose him for the men’s line but chose Ali Lohan for the women’s. I wonder how this campaign will turn out…

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