Capturing the Spirit and Beauty of Women of Color

NYRAJU, an African-American skin and hair care company, recently re-launched its website with user-friendly tools, live chat with estheticians and a complimentary skin care guide for achieving and maintaining healthy skin and hair.

“We wanted our website to emulate the feeling of confidence, youth and beauty that our clients felt after using the NYRAJU Skin Care Product Line,” commented Juliette Samuel, Founder and CEO of NYRAJU. As a result, the website is now easier to navigate, is more aesthetically pleasing, and provides more African-American Skin and Hair Care tips.

Juliette also suggests that, “If you want to rediscover your inner goddess and get your youthful look and spirit back from the unforgiving clutch of Father Time, simply click through the new website and discover the product mix that will assist you with your beautiful black skin … easy as pie.”

Nyraju Skin, Hair and Body Products

Not one to tell her age, there’s the stunning photo of Juliette – http://www.nyrajuskincare.com – who obviously practices what she preaches because she looks 10 years younger – offering to reveal the most cherished secrets of the Black Skin and Hair Care industry.

These are tips and tricks she learned over the past 25 years of being an Image Consultant and an esthetician specializing in African-American Skin and Hair Care.

NYRAJU Skin Care makes only the best in all-natural skin and hair care products and fragrances that allow every African-American woman to pamper herself – body and soul.

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