Celeb Women Chime in on Men’s Fashion Faux Pas

Kellan Lutz wearing ripped jeans

Although I have my own opinions on what I think men should and shouldn’t wear, I may be a bit biased due to the fact that I am a man, and I often times look to the runways or the streets for inspiration. It is amusing though to hear what women have to say about how men dress. Many women have their own views, often times very personal and specific, about what they would like to see men in. Some get squeemish about men in shorts above the knee or even men in sandals, which depending on the person wearing it, and how it is worn, I can totally understand. I found a collection of quotes from famous women on what they believe men should stay away from. Let’s hear what the ladies have to say…

Katie Holmes- “A matching jogging suit.”
Gisele Bundchen- “When it comes to men’s clothes, the simpler the better. Whatever you wear, you have to own it. Otherwise, you look like someone dressed you.”
Jenna Malone- “Flip-flops on a man make me feel sort of violent.”
Mariska Hargitay- “Never wear a dolphin short. Why do people think it’s OK to wear short shorts? It’s not OK. I just think men shouldn’t. There’s something disconcerting about it. It really upsets me.”
Jenny McCarthy- “Gold chains.” 
Perrey Reeves- “Ripped-up jeans. Retire those, please.”
Sophia Bush- “A rhinestone T-shirt. You don’t look like a man. You look like an idiot.” 

Do you agree with these women? What do you think are the worst fashion faux pas to avoid when men are getting dressed?

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