Chanel Channels The Future

Chanel's Spring 2012 Collection

In the trend-focused world of nail polish, there is probably no more anticipated hue than Chanel‘s latest limited-edition offerings (this Spring it’s a sweet seasonal trio of April‘s creamy berry, May’s bubblegum pink, and June‘s creamsicle orange–each $26.) So why is it that Chanel seems so adept at gazing into the color zeitgeist’s crystal ball and launching repeated must-have polishes that virtually fly off the shelves? And just where do those colors cues come from?

New York Times T Magazine┬árecently sat down with the luxe brand’s creative director of makeup, Peter Philips, who explained his trend-tapping ways as thus, “There’s really no logic. I observe and listen to women, and then I follow my heart and my guts. It’s not a factory. I’m not a chicken that lays an egg. I just try to seduce women into discovering something they want. Because if they don’t like it, they won’t wear it.”

All talk of chickens and seduction aside, Phillips knack of “observing women” has paid off well for Chanel, whose U.S. nail polish sales have grown a staggering 84 percent since he joined the brand.

Case in point, 2010′s Chanel ‘Particuliere,’ which in truth was a failed try at a purple taupe shade that just happened to pop. You know it… that truly unusual grey-beige hue that took the fashion world by storming the runways and then found itself swiped across the mani-pedi’s of the world’s most fashion forward ladies.

Even Chanel‘s most recent ‘June‘ creamsicle orange was inspired by the handle of a plastic grocery bag that Philips had saved for two years, sensing that there would be just the right time to use it.

The lesson here?: There is beauty and inspiration everywhere… you just have to open your eyes and your mind to see it.

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