Chanel Hits Jersey Shore

  • by Maria Denardo
  • posted at 1:00 pm
  • November 9, 2010

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What do Coco Chanel and Snooki have in common? Fortunately, not much. However the two drastically different divas did share the Garden State at one point. In a scandalous new book, The Secret History of Chanel No. 5, author Tilar Mazzeo dishes on the iconic perfume and reveals hush-hush facts Mademoiselle Chanel tried desperately to keep hidden. One secret: Chanel No. 5 was once produced in Hoboken, New Jersey. (Excuse me one second, I’m feeling faint.)

Here’s what really happened. During WWII French factories moved to America, upon recommendations from share holders, to escape the Nazi invasion. La maison de Coco set up shop in NJ of all places, smuggling in necessary ingredients like jasmine from Grasse, France to maintain the certain je ne sais quoi. Obviously, Coco Chanel thought the whole thing “monstrous.” A French perfume in Jersey, non!

Thankfully, production returned to France after the war and perfumers went about their business as if nothing had happened. At $400 an ounce, France’s most treasured scent (and secret) was preserved…until now.

Maria Denardo

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