Christmas Eve Beautiful Skin Prep

Spend this Christmas Eve giving your skin a healthy with a good old-fashioned home facial. Reach into your cupboards for easy to create beauty remedies that will leave your skin tight, refreshed and supple.

Step 1:

Cleanse – Cleanse your skin of debris and pollutants with a mild facial cleanser and wash away with a warm face cloth

Step 2:

Tone – Reach into your fridge for nature’s best toner…. Egg whites! Apply a thin layer as a mask to help tighten and moisturize the skin. Remove with luke warm water.

Step 3:

Exfoliate – Mix brown sugar and olive oil to give your skin a nice scrub. But be gentle!!!!! Wash away with delicate movements.

Step 4:

Moisturize – Your skin will be smooth as silk after your brown sugar and olive oil treatment but remember to apply your non-chemical sunscreen for added sun protection!

Now you have a healthy skin makeover just in time for Christmas!

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