Cinderella’s DSW Dream

Most of us have felt the fairy-tale euphoria associated with slipping on a decadently delicious pair of new heels, but those of you who haven’t are in luck.  It seems DSW is all set to play Fairy Godmother, creating an entire line of heels based on the original Disney Cinderella film.

A DSW rep had this to say about the good news, “The inspiration for the line came from the vision of Disney artist Mary Blair’s original art for the film. We took a close look at the film’s aesthetic details—the rich textures and fabric, the beautiful blue in Cinderella’s dress, even the French rococo-inspired scenery.  Every whimsical touch featured in the footwear collection came right out of the film.”

The Glass Slipper Collection will arrive in DSW stores (and online) just in time for the re-release of the Disney classic movie on October 1st and will range from $59.95 to $89.95.

DSW's Glass Slipper Collection

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