Club Monaco Gets a Rustic Make Over

Beginning this fall, Ralph Lauren subsidiary Club Monaco will be revamping their men’s department. The aesthetic will go from a modern, prep professional to something a bit more rustic. They will be following in the footsteps of J.Crew, as the flagship store in flatiron begins incorporating heritage-brand items into its mix. They will be “re-imagining certain nooks of the men’s area, and incorporating pop-up shops that will highlight specific brands” according to WWD.  The stores will not only be revamping the clothes, but the furniture and layout of the store. The vintage furniture that they bring in will also be for sale, sort of like an upscale version of Urban Outfitters. Michael Williams, the founder of the blog A Continuous Lean is partnering with the brand as a consultant and wil be bringing in various brands such as Archival Clothing and American Optical amongst others.

Club Monaco will also be brining in some items at a higher price point such as American made suits that retail around $800+, shirts around $140, and ties for $90. With Club Monaco being one of my favorite spots to shop, I look forward to seeing their evolution.

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