Coconut oil’s powerful hydrating punch

Today’s must-have is more “reminder” and less “run out and purchase” — it’s coconut oil, and it’s a many, many, many splendored thing. How do we heart thee, coconut oil? Let us count the ways.

It seems coconuts are as useful as they are trendy, particularly when it comes to beauty. In fact, some say you can replace a number of your high-end beauty products with it, counting deep conditioner, moisturizer, makeup remover, bath oil and sunburn soother as bottles being replaced by the sweet-smelling and inexpensive tropical oil. Here are some of our favorite coconut oil beauty fixes for the au natural set and beyond:

1. Makeup removal: Smear a bit over your eyes and cheeks and then gently remove the remnants of the nights war paint.

2. Sunburn soother: While there’s not really any empirical evidence that coconut oil actually helps sooth a sunburn, it will add a layer of moisture to dry, undamaged skin and the tropical smell will make you feel better about your less than enthusiastic sunscreen application.

3. Moisturizer: Chlorine and saltwater paired with summer’s hot heat is a recipe for dry skin. A healthy helping of coconut oil, smoothed on after a shower (and even worn to bed) is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and happy.

4. Bath Oil: And speaking of moisture, try adding a handful of the good stuff to a warm bath. A scoop will melt into the hot water and douse summer dry skin with a much needed power punch of hydration.

5. Deep conditioner: Dry scalp and heat damaged styling can both be addressed by a weekly coating of coconut oil. Use it as a once-weekly hair mask, or massage it into a tight itchy scalp. There really is no wrong way to use coconut oil, so what are you waiting for?


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