Coach Strikes A Blow To Counterfeiters

Despite its chic outward appearances, the world of fashion isn’t without its problems — and one in particular seems to keep raising its head: counterfeiting.

From the Hermes bag bust in June, to the massive counterfeit couture goods in Los Angeles a scant few months ago (including knock-off’s of Prada and Louboutin), the fake bag bust is just this side of a status symbol for luxe labels — if it weren’t taking such a big chunk out of their profits.

Chalk one up for Coach then, because they just scored a major victory in an online counterfeiting case that essentially awards the brand $257 million. Since it’s nearly impossible to track down all the scoundrels who make the fake goods and/or operate websites selling them, it’s unlike that Coach will actually see any of the cash. But even if this victory is more symbolic than monetary, the company is no seizing and shutting down nearly 600 of the offending websites, sending a nice strong message to any past and future counterfeiting crooks looking to cash in on the brands intellectual design property. Counterfeiters… you’ve been warned.


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