Courtney Love Launches Clothing Line Never the Bride

Never one to stray from the spotlight for long, tabloid favorite Courtney Love is making news for reasons other than her contemptuous relationship with her daughter or her late night Twitter rampages — naturally, it’s a clothing line. (Everybody’s doin’ it, why not her?)

Love recently spilled the beans about her foray into fashion design in the latest issue of Contributor magazine, announcing the launch of Never the Bride, a clothing line consisting of “repurposed Edwardian, Victorian with an edge.” Having sold her own vintage designer pieces via eBay and also having worked in Paramount Studios wardrobe department in 1983 (it’s true), the punk rocker-turned-actress is no stranger to the merits of repurposing, claiming that three Victorian dresses went into one piece in the line alone.

DJ/model Chloe Norgaard and her technicolor hair appears in the mag modeling the new line. Here are some Never the Bride looks — what do you think?

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