Create your own fragrance with Fred Segal

One for you. One for me!

If you practice the gift-giving mantra that I personally favor, today’s must-have is a great one if you’re in need of any last minute items. The Blend by Fred Segal’s Blend Kit No. 01 is the perfect present for the perfume-obsessed on your list, and probably a perfect pre-holiday find for you too. A single fragrance kit complete with 10 single-note perfume oils poured into convenient roller balls, including epicure, musk, spice, citrus, and floral notes, so you can mix and match with your own scent combinations. For those fragrance fans who aren’t so bold, they also come with a recipe card of suggested scents, like the jauntily titled English Park (one swipe of floral, two citrus, and three spice), and Tryst (one epicure, and two spice.) And for $150, it’s a steal, considering all of the scent combinations you can create.

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