Culture Shock: Beauty and Broadway

Montego Glover

Actress and songbird Montego Glover is taking the Broadway stage by storm. With her powerful voice and flawless looks we’re excited to introduce Ms. Glover to the pages of Posh Beauty. She’s the most talked about star of the hit Broadway show “Memphis”, an interracial love story set in the 1950s during the birth of rock ‘n’ roll.

Montego isn’t a novice to the stage. She made her Broadway debut in The Color Purple in the roles of Celie & Nettie. This talented beauty embodies art, culture, music and style in an effortless way.

Montego Wowing Audiences on Broadway in "Memphis"

“Growing up in this country as an African American, racism, segregation and discrimination are part of the country’s history, and this piece, in particular, is a vital snapshot of that time in our history’s race relations,” Glover shared with BlackVoices.  ”I love being an actress,” she beamed. “What’s really great is having women and men tell me how exciting it is to see my face on the side of the building. It sends a message to people like me, and not like me, that we are wonderful and we belong and there is a place for us.” Let’s keep our eye on this artist.

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