Curing Cracked Elbows

ashy elbows


They’re definitely not the sexiest part of your skin but they may just be the most important.¬†After all, showing off that sleeveless dress or top while having ashy or cracked and peeling elbows can potentially ruin your entire look (at least from the back).


Banish dead skin and cracks from your thirsty elbows by gently exfoliating them daily in the shower. Mix up a batch of brown sugar and olive oil for a cell-renewing treat that will exfoliate as well as hydrate. Pat dry and follow up with your favorite moisturizer for regular dead skin removal.

Natural Oils

Make natural cooking oils like olive, grape seed and coconut your new beauty bff! Neglected elbows will drink up the moisture these little beauty secrets provide. Massage into your skin morning and night to wake up dry elbow skin.

Elbow Grease

It’s a little old school but gradma’s recipes still do the trick. Get some CRISCO (yes… they still sell it in the grocery store) or vegetable shortening and lather on the lard to your elbows at night. Cover your elbows with cut-off socks or long sleeves and sleep the night away into soft and supple elbows.

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