Curling Natural Hair – An Iron Guide

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Natural hair styles don’t have to be boring. Spruce up your hair with bold and beautiful curls that scream sexy, sophisticated and fun. Reach for the best in curling tools to keep your gorgeous mane healthy and fabulous by following our guide for choosing the best curling iron for natural hair.

Ceramic Is Your Friend

Stick with irons with ceramic plates for a plug-in option that will allow you to control the heat without damaging your hair. ┬áConair’s Ceramic Instant Heat Spiral Styler is perfect for creating luscious curls at home.


Not fond of using lots of product to get a sleek style post-straightening? Celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood creates loose, bouncy curls with the SHI tourmaline and ceramic flat iron without the use of a straightening solution. The tourmaline iron will evenly distribute heat and keep curls strong and healthy without the need for a daily touch up.

Say No To The Barrel

If you haven’t gone through cosmetology school you shouldn’t try playing at-home beautician with a barrel curling iron or stove. Do n’t risk burning out your hair with too much heat. Stick to temperature controlled irons and remain under 450 degrees.

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