Daffy’s Celebrates Their 50th Birthday in NYC!

Discount retail store, Daffy’s, has decided to jump on the opportunity to possibly garner some attention from the recent NYFW and celebrate their 50th birthday while the fashion world is still on their toes (most likely from the Louboutins most of them haven’t unhinged from their feet yet;). Daffy’s will be hosting a fashion show where the runway will be on a giant cake, amongst other fun surprises, including a discount, and of course free cake. Now, this may not be as original and elaborate as some of the other shows we’ve witnessed in the past (Band of Outsiders had models repelling from the ceiling and Louis Vuitton built elevators inside a tent in the Louvre courtyard- that’s creative!), but we are sure it will create a buzz, and be a fun event for attendees. The event will take place on Thursday, September 22nd in Herald Square, in the park that is there called Greeley Square Park. I have been down to Herald Square many times and I am not sure what NYC constitutes as a park but I would assume  they are referring to the area with grass and benches (and it’s questionable if there is grass), so one can look at the buildings surrounding them. Either way, the show begins at 5pm, so just follow the smell of cake to the “park” and enjoy the show!

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