David Beckham Closes Longterm Deal with H&M

I know we just posted on David Beckham not so long ago but it just seems that he and his wife keep making more and more news. Even now after their fourth child, and mind you they aren’t even in their home country they are still making deal regularly. If they don’t know how to do anything else they definitely know how to keep getting endorsements.

With that said David Beckham will be expanding his empire just a little more into the men’s fashion world. After fragrances and underwear campaigns, it seems he has learned enough to team up with H&M for men’s bodywear (whatever that is- we assume something like Under Armour). This definitely sounds appropriate for the “football” star, as I am sure he knows a thing or two about athletic under wear. This isn’t like most of their partnerships where it is a one time deal, he has actually signed on for a long term gig. Beckham took the reigns and managed the design and production on his own and just partnered with H&M for distribution purposes.  The collection, which is just for men, will land in 1800 stores right before Valentine’s Day of 2012.

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