David Beckham Launches New Cologne

Our favorite British turned American soccer player and all around pretty boy David Beckham is woring on a new frangrance. The Scent which will be appropriately titled “David Beckham Homme” is a collaboration with cosmetics brand Coty Beauty and is set to launch this September. We all know his previous efforts in the parfum industry when he and his posh wife Victoria Beckham worked together on their scent, but this one will be his solo venture. From the looks of it, this scent will definitely be a good representation of the star himself giving a sort of fruity but masculine feel, with top notes of citrus, ginger, pine and fiery pepper; a heart of cashmere wood, leather and rosemary, and a drydown of mahogany wood, patchouli and skin musk.¬†You can expect to see the commercial and website roll out closer to the launch date.

Coty beauty seems pretty amped about the collabloration, and rightfully so, it seems that everyone is making big bucks in the parfum industry. I mean logistically speaking, it can’t cost too much to put some liquid in a bottle, slap a big time celebrity on the box, and charge an arm and a leg for it. The scents fly off of the shelves just because of the celebrity’s face, and the profit margin is huge! Steve Mormoris, the senior VP of global marketing for Coty Beauty, told WWD:

“David Beckham Homme is a strategic launch for us and represents a key new orientation for the David Beckham fragrance brand – getting back to the male roots of the brand, enhancing David as an athlete and an aspirational man and building a new pillar to the David Beckham franchise. It brings a lot to Coty Beauty as we don’t have many iconic male brands, so this brand is and remains strategic for us. We are ambitious, and we want a new hit.”

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