Derek Lam’s Spring 2012 Inspiration

Oh, Mr. Lam. Architectural Digest is calling.

Richard Neutra's Kauffman House

We wonder if Derek Lam had any idea that his latest collection would make the luxe-architecture tome stand up and take notice. After stating that his 2012 spring collection had “an architectural influence”, Arch. Dig.‘s blog Daily AD, made note of the who, what, why and wheres. Apparently, the California-born designer found literal inspiration from architect Richard Neutra’s famed Palm Springs Kaufmann Desert House.

Neutra‘s Kaufmann Desert House was built in 1946 and is celebrated for integrating itself into the surrounding desert landscape. Lam explained the direct inspiration to A.D., “Neutra created such unique homes in the desert, demonstrating that modernism can be international in spirit but also very local in its inspiration. That, to me, is what is great and eternal about the Kaufmann House.” Which makes sense given the clean lines and delicate cuts, colors and textures of Lam‘s latest. International, modern and tres beautiful!

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