Diesel Asks People to Unplug For Re-Release of their 1993 YUK Shoe


Could you go without updating your Facebook status or Instagram or Twitter for a full 48 to 72 hours? If you just so happen to be part of the bold and the brave, you might just be able to get your hands on Diesel’s “Pre-Internet” shoe: YUK.

According to Creativity Online, “The shoe is being launched with “The Pre-Internet Experience,” a Facebook-campaign that challenges you to go offline and not post on Facebook for three days. If you choose to also not share on Instagram and Twitter, you only have to abstain for 48 hours. 20 winners will get the YUK 20th anniversary shoe.”

You won’t be able to track calories, call your mother or fly a plane with this shoes. Nope. There’s no extra special technology coming with these pair of kicks. They are just shoes. And that’s Diesel’s objective. Just cool, high quality shoes you’re going to love. So let’s party like it’s…… 1993.



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