Do We Smell the End of Chanel No. 5?

bradd pitt and chanel

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The legacy of Chanel No. 5 (and those awkward Brad Pitt commercials) may come to a screeching halt by 2014 if European Comissioners have their way. Apparently scientists have discovered over 100 allergens in fragrances and are considering banning a few lines that are known offenders.

“These measures include more detailed ingredient lists on product packaging, restricted use of ingredients such as citral and eugenol (components of citrus oils and rose oil, respectively), and in some cases, an outright ban on ingredients,” reports Fashionista.com.

This might just be the end of perfume as we know it or a struggle for manufacturers to find alternative ingredients that can compare to the widely use natural products like lemon, jasmine and bergamont which are natural allergens.

After 90 years of scenting the chic and sophisticated, we may see the iconic brand dismissed from the shelves. Le sigh.

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