Dolce & Gabbana loves grandmas too

This is typically the time of year when you become acutely aware of all of your Grandma’s awesomeness — her cooking, her ability to trick out a holiday home like nobodies business, her immaculate and no-nonsense way of calling you out on your nonsense — grandmas rock. Guess who else loves grandmas? Dolce & Gabbana.

D & G is embracing grandma culture with a new ad spot featuring several glorious abuelas (grandmas), bullfighters, flamenco and all-things-gloriusly Spanish. Think grandmas in gilded floral crowns, real-life toreador José Maria Manzanares, a pro dancer, a guitar player (and soundtrack) all flanking models Bianca Balti, Vittoria Ceretti, Irina Sharapova and Blanca Padilla and you’ll get the idea. Now think grandmas again. ‘Cause they’re just so freakin’ great.

The campaign, shot by Domenico Dolce is a celebration of the label’s new Spring/Summer ’15 collection inspired by the old traditions and lore of Spain and Sicily. The grandmothers in the ad represent ”the respect and love the Mediterranean cultures harbour towards the older generation,” and hey, shouldn’t we all be doing that anyway? Here are some shots from the campaign — and feel free to sit down with your Grandma and watch the ad in it’s entirety here.


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