Don’t Dump Your Bridesmaid Dress, Recycle It!

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t you that got the ring and the groom this year, but that’s ok. You had a great time in your almost decent bridesmaid dress and your turn is right around the corner. While you search for Mr. Right you don’t have to leave your bridesmaid dress hidden in the back of your closet deciding what to do with it.

The Dessy Group is helping women lose the always-the-bridesmaid moniker by launching Newlymaid.com, an e-commerce site that recycles old bridesmaid dresses in exchange for discounts for new black dresses. Talk about eco-chic!

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit NEWLYMAID.com and purchase a trade-in mailer for sending one garment to NewlyMaid from anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • The mailer should arrive within one week right to your door. (Sort of like Netflix).
  • The mailer includes two types of packaging, one clear bag for the dress and one shipping bag. A prepaid return shipping label is also included, along with packing and shipping instructions.
  • Once NEWLYMAID receives your garment and the criteria for trade-in credit are met, special pricing for a NEWLYMAID dress is unlocked for your account on the NEWLYMAID.com site.
  • Use your credit to purchase a new, fashionable black dress, that can be worn for any occasion.

Simple as pie. Try it out and see what fabulous new clothes you can get! It’s almost like having a clothing swap party but only virtually! We’re loving it!

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