Dr. Martin Luther King: Style Icon

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was more than an orator, a writer, a preacher, and a civil rights activist. He was also a style icon. In a time where bigotry and ignorance was prevalent, he was a man that stood in the face of danger, offering only love, intelligence, class, and sophistication.

He kept his cool through all adversity never looking even mildly unhinged in his signature dark, fitted, suits, adorned with a simple slim, dark, tie. His words were his sword and his suit and tie were his shield. Ironically, when one researches the history of a tie, one finds that it began as a knights armor, and as the years progressed and physical armor was no longer needed by soldiers, it transformed into what we know today as the tie.

Dr. King is an exemplary model for what a true modern man wants to exude. Subtlety, class, and grace can go far. He proved that fashion is a form of expression and can be used to send a powerful and sometimes subliminal message. In this style icon’s case, the sobering message of truth, justice, and unyielding perseverance.

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