Drink to Healthy Tea (And Perfect Skin) With Tea Forte

If you know how great green tea is for your health and your skin, you’re going to be excited about Tea Forte, a luxury tea company who recently¬†announced their new line of Skin Smart Teas. Part of the “beauty from within” ingestible beauty trend, Skin Smart Teas is all about using internal nutrients promote health and beauty from the inside out.

“Our skin’s appearance is affected by numerous factors, including UV exposure from the sun, natural aging, diet, daily stress, hormones and heredity,” said the company’s Chief Brand Officer, Stuart Avery Gold. “With the knowledge that the most efficacious medicines for solving skin care issues are derived from plant-based ¬†polyphenols and catechins, these delicious, progressive teas are all-natural beneficial blends, which help work to provide skin-smart, anti-inflammatory properties intended to promote a more youthful looking and feeling appearance.”

Not only do they have amazing beauty benefits, but they are also certified organic by the USDA making them yummy and pesticide-free beauty drinks.

The innovative tea collection come in 16 count filter bags with an SRP of $5.95 and includes:

Cucumber Mint with Green Tea for Youth Recovery

Honey Yuzu with Green Tea for Natural Renewal

Cherry Marzipan with Green Tea for Corrective Repair

Swiss Apple with Red Tea for Skin Support

Lychee Coconut with White Tea for Radiant Skin

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