Elaine Welteroth Appointed New Health and Beauty Editor For Teen Vogue

elaine welteroth

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Veteran Glamour Magazine beauty editor has stepped down from her post and will soon be joining the ranks of the fashion goddesses at Teen Vogue. Appointed as the new Health and Beauty Director, Elaine Welteroth will be replacing the much adored Eva Chen who’s reign as editor and style maven drew the likes of over 36,000+ Twitter followers and 24,000+ Instagram fans.

“It’s all about preparation meeting the opportunity at the right time,” Welteroth said. ”I had the chance to learn from some really talented people who have taught me a lot. So, this next step is sort of the culmination of a lot of work, great mentorship, and perfect timing.”

Welteroth brings with her not only experience but a sense of diversity often amiss from the fashion industry. The result? A reader’s ability to relate to culturally diverse content, a voice that speaks for them and inclusive content.

We here at Posh Beauty are sending a big glossy kiss to Elaine in congratulations on her new position!

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