Essie Plans In-Store Pop-Up Shops In CVS

Fans of drug store beauty aisles will have one more thing to celebrate this holiday season — in the shape of a little pop-up-like shop by cosmetics company Essie.

The nail giant is set to launch in-store “Nail Kiosks” at various CVS stores across the country, where shoppers can try out gel polishes, play with new nail polish hues, and try out new products like nail wraps — and not all of the try-me products will be from Essie. Brands like Maybelline and Sally Hansen will also be stocked at the kiosks, making us think this might have something to do with trying to keep up with cosmetics giant Sephora.

Essie also has plans to start beefing up it’s social media presence — like it’s plan to get you to post pictures of your nail art on their Facebook page — as well as allow fans of the brand to live chat with beauty experts and get discount codes and coupons for Essie products. Now that nail art seems like it’s here to stay, Essie’s timing couldn’t be more perfect. CVS… here we come!

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