Essie’s Winter Collection Takes Royal Inspiration

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From designers showering you with clothing, shoes and handbags to scoring some of the world’s most coveted invites — it sure pays to be a princess. But there’s certainly work too.

Like being so crazy fashionable that beauty brands elevate you to the status of “inspirational” muse. Coveted nail brand Essie did just that with the launch of its latest winter polish collection, inspired by the two most watched ladies of the royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and the Queen Mother herself.

Essie creator Essie Weingarten had this to say about the oh-so-regal take on the cold weather palette, “It’s one part Queen Elizabeth, two parts Duchess of Cambridge. They don’t mince words and never mince color. I just love the elegant simplicity of a saturated, vibrant look. It’s so luxe, yet so easy to put together.”

Set to hit store shelves in November, the six color collection ranges from a pretty turquoise to a much more vivid crimson (all within the constraints of respectability), and are yours for $8 a pop.

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