Et Tu Betsey? Betsey Johnson Files For Bankruptcy Protection.


Late last week we broke the news that the Queen of Punkish Pink, Ms. Betsey Johnson had plans to join the realm of reality TV with a slice-of-life show featuring the routine antics of her and her designing daughter Lulu. Sadly, this week, we have Betsey news of a less jovial sort.

The web is awash with today’s announcement: Betsey Johnson‘s 34-year old fashion label has filed for bankruptcy protection. And while this won’t (allegedly) affect the hoards of rabid Betsey fans from gawking over her via reality TV, it will likely affect the 350 employees who will be out of a job due to the brands entire stable of 63 stores shuttering their doors. The news isn’t expected to affect the brand’s e-commerce store that has been owned by Steve Madden Ltd since 2010, nor will it affect the lower-priced Betsey Johnson label available in non-Betsey stores like Macy’s–and we can’t imagine this will be the end of Johnson‘s empire. But for now, it’s a good thing Johnson and her unbridled enthusiasm have made her a pop-culture icon and thus palatable to the public… ’cause the pink and black tulle goods she’s been serving up are about to expire.

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