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What’s better than getting up close and personal with the world’s greatest makeup artist and makeup brand Bobbi Brown? Well….. nothing of course. For makeup and beauty lovers alike we’ll be able to get tips, tricks and know-how from the beauty queen herself with her new blog / online magazine slated to launch September 7th.

The blog will feature all things Brown says she loves — videos, events, product inspiration stories, recipes, Q&As with people she admires — and will be updated three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Bobbi Brown marketing team is turning things up and making life a little bit easier by tuning in to followers via twitter, Facebook and tumblr to really find out what we want! In fact, there will even be a “Facebook palette” which will comprise of discontinued colors most requested on the makeup artists’ Facebook page.

We’re excited about this new turn of events for the Bobbi Brown line and how much more engaging it will be. We’ll have to wait to see if other brands follow in her lead….

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