Eyebrow Oops: quick fix remedies for over-the-eye fringe

It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so it stands to reason that a good set of eyebrows can be a most flattering frame. So what of those days when your over-the-eye fringe isn’t quite adding up? We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help offset those less than perfect eyebrow days in 3… 2… 1…

The most common brow emergency is one you’ve likely inflicted on yourself — over plucking. Let’s face it, sometimes the tweezing gets a little out of hand. So for goodness sake put down the tweezers and give your follicles a breaks. There are over the counter eyebrow growth products that can help, but giving your eyebrows a chance to grow back to their original glory is a great way to start fresh.

And with all that over plucking (and often times directly after a professional eyebrow wax) the skin around your brows ends up looking red, swollen and irritated. What to do? Swipe on a little antiseptic like witch hazel and then dab on some Neosporin — this one-two punch should calm down any irritation and get you back to looking like a normal human being.

Most of us rely on a good eyebrow pencil to color in any sparse areas, but what to do when your pencil has gone kaput? Most of us can get by with a neutral brown shadow to fill in any less than luscious areas on the fly, so be sure to have one on hand for those times when your pencil is MIA.

And on the opposite end of things, a quick remedy for the crime of overfilling your eyebrows lies just inside your makeup brush case — a spoolie brush (you know that thing that looks like a mascara wand, sans the mascara.) Just make sure your spoolie brush is clean and then brush through your brows until the color blends in, then wipe the excess color fro the edges with a finger or a Q-tip.


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