EYEWEAR’S SILVER LINING: Glasses Are Still Trending.

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 5:46 pm
  • January 11, 2011

While statement frames adorning the oh-so-masculine peepers of a mans face certainly isn’t a new trend – sporting bold frames is uber-hot this season, and one company seems to be making leaps and bounds in the ‘brand of the moment’ catagory: Silver Lining Opticians.

Jordan Silver Co-Founder of Silver Lining Opticians

From the start (2007) the duo behind the brand, Erik Sacher and Jordan Silver, packed their shop with vintage, rare and unique eyewear that ranged from the 60′s to the 90′s – so these gentleman certainly know a ‘statement piece’ when they see one.  And if they don’t see one? Well now they just create it.

Silver Lining Glasses

Jordan Silver recently talked to New York Magazine about his trending forecast. “I think we’re moving away from thick plastic eyeglasses into thinner, more nuanced frames. People still want plastic frames, but they want something a little more designed. We’ve also been loaning out a lot of small round sunglasses for editorials.”

Outfitting celebs from Jay-Z to Kanye to Brad Goreski, Silver Lining has been slowly unveiling their most recent styles for their in-house collection of handmade plastic frames (five have already been unveiled and they will release three more this winter.)

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