Fall 14′s best hair makeover moves

Fall is nearly here and that means one thing… cha-cha-change. Not in the oh-my-god-what-has-the-universe-foisted-upon-me kind of way — but instead in a more inspirational, lets change our look kind of way. Every lady loves a good make-over, so here are a few great ways to update your hair for the cooler season.

That summer ombre has seen it’s day in the sun… likely making it waaay more ombre than intended. Tone down your two-tone by asking your colorist to apply a glaze that’s one to two shades darker and you’ll soften your edge without losing your edge. Get it?

Instead, go for the two-tone approach up top by letting a little regrowth show through. Paired with a great haircut, a little in-your-face root is a prime way to keep your look cool.

If multi-hued isn’t your look of choice, all over color in dramatically rich hues promotes healthiness and looks lux all at the same time. And did we mention how well it covers any errant grays?

Summer is rife with beachy, tousled hair, but fall calls for something a touch more put-together. Keep your waves refined by opting for a light styling cream that won’t lose its “I’m not trying to hard” appeal.

That lob that was all the rage for spring ’14 is likely looking a little rough by now. Commit to growing out your hair for fall ’14 and watch your style options expand tenfold.

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