Fashion, Activism, Media: Hoodies For Trayvon

trayvon martin

Do you like hoodies? Do you like skittles? Do you like rocking hoodies? If you’ve said yes to any of the aforementioned you better watch your back because there might be a few that think you’re suspicious. With the Trayvon Martin case getting plenty of buzz through twitter, facebook and traditional media outlets, people of all walks of life are coming together to demand justice for the slain teen.

With the #millionhoodies campaign continuing to build momentum amongst celebrities, tweeters and organizations alike, people that couldn’t attend the march yesterday in NYC participated via their social networks dawning hoodies. Never, in this age of social media, has there been such a socially active movement with an article of apparel being at the forefront of change. Check out twitter pictures of fashionable protesters helping the movement and sign the petition to get justice for Trayvon.

Via @chescaleigh Wearing our hoodies for #TrayvonMartin @jsmooth995 & I at the #millionhoodies march http://twitpic.com/8zj9g5

trayvon martin

via @OccupyPics Photo: #TrayvonMartin #MillionHoodies #SanFrancisco

via @karlamosley Haiku: Hooded we now stand Challenging your silence Demanding justice #millionhoodies http://lockerz.com/s/194658028

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