Fight the frizz: beat humidity fried hair

Living in a land rife with drought and dry heat, I imagine I’m not the only one surprised by the unusual humidity Southern California has been encountering lately. And while our skin is in heaven with the extra moisture in the air, our hair is… um… less than heavenly. Humidity LOVES to take a good hair day and turn it into a frizzy, melted mess. Thankfully we’ve uncovered a few humidity busting tricks to keep our strands sleek, shiny and frizz-free, without busting the bank.

The first step is to lay-off the shampoo. A sweaty summer day will make you want to lather up, but squeaky clean hair also strips away your scalps natural oils leading to dreaded frizz. Instead skip the shampoo every other time you wash your hair and try to use about half of the dollop you would normally use — continue as usual with your conditioner.

In fact, try giving yourself a deep conditioning treatment once a week to help stave off any sun or sea-induced dryness and encourage sleek, shiny strands. Apply any deep conditioning mask and cover your hair with a shower cap, trapping in the heat from your shower and allowing the moisture to penetrate your hair. Leave the mask on for a few minutes and then rinse and dry.

Another great way to avoid full-frizz is to apply a serum (for straight or wavy hair) or mouse (for curly hair) before you blow dry. The product will help protect your strands from the blow dryers punishing heat and will lock in any smoothing benefits while your hair is still wet.

And after you’ve achieved a soft, smooth blowout, don’t forget to seal in the moisture with a spritz of sealing spray. Not only will this add shine, but it will create a barrier between your hair and the humid air outside. You can also cary some clear mascara with your to fight any mid-day frizz. Simply swipe the want over any flyways or frizz around your root area and go. Easy peasy.

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