Film Noir Lashes Way Out

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 5:58 pm
  • July 1, 2011

Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer

Yes, yes… we’ve been vaguely lash-centric lately, but ’tis the season of summer sweat and swimming so how can we not pay attention to our delicate lashes and the bevy of cosmetics popping up to ensure that your fringe is flirty and fabulous.

Makeup artists and artistic director at Hourglass Cosmetics’ Gina Brooks has been peppering hints in the cosmetics world for some time now – and we’re pleased to finally announce the arrival of Film Noir Lash Lacquer… it’s kind of a big deal. Sitting somewhere between applying mascara and time-intensive faux lashes, Film Noir Lash Lacquer is an easy-to-use black gloss that acts as a top coat for your lashes. Application is simple, you just paint it’s inky jet-black goodness over your mascara to amp up your lashes – darkening, thickening and extending for a nearly faux lash-like effect. You can even layer the product to get the look you want – no clumping. A tube of this little wonder goes for $28 – available at Sephora online on July 7 and in-stores July 15.

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