Finally! Skin Care for Brown Girls

Despite what empowerment professionals say, beauty is truly on the outside. Take it how you want, but until we can wear our resumes and accomplishments on our bodies, its best to stick with the notion that a pretty face always finishes first.

While every beauty product on the shelves or at the local Sephora promises gorgeous skin, there hasn’t been anything on the market specifically geared towards the skin care needs of women of color that has had staying power… until now.

AloeForMocha Skin Care is a complete line of nature-based skin care products developed by a woman of color specifically for women of color.

AloeForMocha Founder Danna Johnston

With highly-concentrated products, AloeForMocha’s founder, Danna Johnston, was frustrated with not being able to find anything on the market that was effective and designed for her skin tone. So she set out to create a line that addressed skin issues of women of color such as hyper-pigmentation, dark under-eye circles and dry skin.

Get your AloeForMocha Skin Care Beauty Basics Kit complete with a hydrating cleanser, toner, aloe and shea moisturizer and beauty spa bag at www.AloeForMocha.com and use promo code: SDD15 for 15% off your purchase.

Kudos to AloeForMocha for giving us the flawless skin we’ve been waiting for!

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