First Peek: Marc Jacobs For Sephora Advert

Those folks over at Marc Jacobs love to dangle the carrot, don’t they?  Further fueling the anticipation over the can’t-come-soon-enough August 9 release of the brands mega cosmetics line for Sephora, Marc Jacobs has let slip one single advert from the collaborations campaign, enticing fans to start lining up.

The Marc Jacobs for Sephora collection is just as buzzy as any past pairings, with the snaps, featuring Edie Campbell and Ondrian Hardin, strategically styled to feature Jacobs take on makeup.

The designer sat down with WWD recently to explain his turn towards makeup. “I like the transformative qualities of fashion and fashion to me is not just clothing, it’s handbags, it’s shoes, it’s clothes, it’s hair, it’s makeup, it’s fragrance, it’s the whole ritual of making those choices, of enjoying the ritual, of making the choices that will tell the world who you want to be that day.” Jacobs told the industry tome.

Marc Jacobs for Sephora is rumored to consist of 120+ products all nestled within 4 distinct catagories: a line for the face called Smart Complexion, a liner collection called Blacquer, a line of lipstick, nail polish and eyeshadow dubbed Hi-Per Color, and a unisex line dubbed Boy Tested, Girl Approved.  Not being a fan of natural shades, we can expect this line, which will range from $24-$59, to be chock full of bold color — perfect for amping up fall/winter nights.

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