Flip-Flop Etiquette for Gentlemen

With Summer in nearly full effect, and the need to escape the heat and wear less clothing perpetually rising, many find it necessary to throw caution to the wind and walk out of their homes with no regard to fashion. Please consider this a PSA (public service announcement) to gentlemen.

Although this may seem like common knowledge, I feel it necessary to discuss flip-flop etiquette. I am sure we have all witnessed gentlemen, young and old alike, wearing flip-flops in the most inappropriate situations. Some of the younger generation goes even further by pairing white socks with their flip-flops! This is an oxymoron all its own…
Here is my simple advice. Flip-flops are only appropriate when one is going swimming. That includes the beach and the pool (and maybe the occasional picnic). For all other occasions that you think they may be appropriate, choose a lightweight loafer. Most flip-flops are not made for walking long distances and have poor arch support which could lead to back pain  They can also be dangerous to wear as shoes are meant to protect your feet first and foremost. I have seen horror stories with people riding escalators or getting something dropped on their foot, and they allow your feet to become very dirty. Sandals are also in this year, and if styled correctly, these can make for an amazing statement piece for your outfit (these are also never to be warn with socks). One last note for the gentlemen, if you are going to wear flip-flops take a tip from the ladies and get a pedicure.

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