Foot Shaped Athletic Shoes

I thought I would depart from my normal style tips today and cover a fun trend that I have seen lately in athletic shoes. Above is a picture of the new type of running shoe that is shaped to your foot. I think the most interesting thing about them from a fashion aspect is how they look. I don’t know if I like the fact that a shoe is shaped like an individuals foot, but it is definitely eye catching and interesting. I also like that part of the intention of the shoe is to bring you “closer” to the Earth and provide more of a natural feel. Things that breakdown the pre-existing social/commercial confines that have been built for us are always worth a try, just to support the cause of trying something different and expanding the rules of fashion. These shoes on a physical note are said to help to align your body properly and make your body work in a more natural way, and I am all about that. I have not personally tried the shoe but I think it’s an interesting concept and an even more interesting look. ┬áCheck them out and tell me what you think! You can purchase them here!

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