Formichetti’s NYC Pop-Up Shop Exhibition

Lady Gaga’s stylist and the creative director of Mugler Nicola Formichetti has been working on a fun project in NYC for the past few months. It was rumoured back in May that he would be jumping in on the pop-up shop trend that has been going on in the city. If you are unfamiliar with the pop-up shop concept, it stems from the high prices of real estate in NYC which has led to a number of vacancies in store fronts all over the city, so store owners have decided to start renting out or even donating the space to artists for street side exhibitions to attract potential real estate investors to show that the space can draw a crowd.

It seems the romours were true… In this case Formichetti will be taking over a space from September 1st-14th, as a part of the “Building Fashion Design Competition,” which has paired architects and fashion designers to create installations and re-imagine everyday spaces. From what we know of Formichetti, this will definitely be a show worth seeing! ¬†According to his tweets, he will be separating the space into 4 different spaces each themed by four different elements including nature, digital space, and punk rock vintage/baroque. He says that he would like to have something that looks like a flower shop where there will be a Japanese girl working there for one part, and maybe a zombie boy selling leather jackets.

Sounds like it will be a very interesting exhibition to check out if you are in the NYC area in the beginning of September!

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