Fossil… A Hidden Treasure?

I was invited to a private viewing yesterday at the Fossil showroom in Manhattan to see their new collection of watches by Michele. I went mainly because I didn’t know much about Fossil besides the fact that they had always had nice watches and I used to buy them in high school from my local mall, so I thought I would see what they had to offer. To my surprise when I walked into the showroom, it was huge and they clearly sold more than I ever even imagined! First, I was completely taken back by all of the mens watches they had to offer, although I knew they had nice watches I wasn’t prepared for the sheer amount of different styles. From amazingly designed watches by Diesel and Armani Exchange, to futuristic looking sports watches that I had never seen anything like before! My biggest surprise had to be that they make amazing shoes, boots, loafers, and tennis shoes. There men’s bags were even nicer! Tweeds and vintage inspired designs, Ipad cases and backpacks! If you cannot tell I was in heaven for a little while, and a little upset that I had never seen any of this before. I could literally go into a Fossil Store and get an entire outfit from head to toe. One of the best finds in fact was that none of the watches cost more than $200, and everything else is just as reasonably priced. When I got home I checked out the Fossil blog and fell even more in love with it! It’s a beautifully designed blog with great content- Do yourself the favor and check it out! I know it seems that I am being a bit gratuitous and that anyone could read this post and could assume that Fossil  commissioned me to do this, but I promise that this is all genuine excitment and appreciation for good taste. I Just want to send a thank you out to Fossil for being a hidden treasure that I was able to indulge in yesterday. I am officially a fan and will never overlook them again!

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