Friday Night Tips For Easy Eyeliner

Be it a date night or a girls night, it’s Friday, which means you’ll likely want to pull out your makeup case and play. Rather than letting a shaky hand or a lack of cosmetics confidence keep you from drawing on that cat-eye or smudging out your smokey eye, we’ve decided to share a few simple eyeliner tips to make the most of your night out on the town.

Perfect your perfect cat-eye flick by using a business card or a piece of scotch tape (dull the stickiness first by pressing your fingers on it to protect your delicate eye area.) Simply holding the business card again the corner of your eye and tracing an eyeliner wing against it, or doing the same with the aforementioned scotch tape will give you a great end point to attach the rest of your liner to.

If symmetry is your problem, try tilting your chin up when you’re creating your flick, this will give you a better vantage point to make sure both lines are symmetrical and to clean up any stray liner with a Q-tip.

Just because you’re lacking the steady hands of a surgeon doesn’t mean the magic of liquid liner is beyond you. Start by drawing on your pencil liner and then go over it with liquid liner for the same staying power without the smudging or shakiness.

You can also try creating dots (or short dashes) along your lid line and then smudge them together with an eyeliner smudger to ensure an even line. For an slight cat-eye wing, try tracing a slightly wet brush along your freshly applied liner and then flicking it out when you reach the corner of your eye.

And nothing is worse then having a crumbly or melty eyeliner pencil foil your best attempts at a seductive eyeliner appliqué. Simply stick your pencil in the freezer for 10 minutes and you’ll find that it’s back to it’s normal state in no time.

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