Fro Fashion Week Takes Haute Hair to New Heights

The first-ever ‘Fro Fashion Week,’ which took place in Atlanta in February, culminated in a ‘Fro Fashion Show,’ which showcased the latest natural styles. So what exactly is a ‘Fro Fashion Week’? It is a two-day exclusive conference held twice a year during Spring & Fall fashion weeks to set the trends in the natural hair care, beauty and fashion industries.

The goal is to serve as the pinnacle event that brings together industry experts, designers, natural hair care bloggers, hair care product manufacturers and distributors and most importantly consumers, in one inclusive setting to test, discuss, blog, and purchase the industry’s hottest trends.’

Celebrity hairstylist and admired friend of PoshBeauty, Felicia Leatherwood, was a featured stylist at the event, so you know it rocked!  It’s about time there was a show dedicated to setting new trends in natural hair care.

Check out some of the innovative natural hair styles featured at the event:

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