Fun & Funky Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has always been one of my favorite ready to wear lines of clothing. They do have a tendency to be a fairly conservative and traditional line though, unless you go to their subsidiary lines like Club Monaco or Rugby (both of which I never leave without buying anything,) which have much more trendy clothing. All the same, their pieces are quaility items and great for mixing and matching with other lines to get a fun look. In my recent online shopping I came across some really fun items that I wouldn’t expect to find from Ralph Lauren that I thought would be nice to share! Who knew Ralph Lauren would release things like skull cuff links, and it’s even more of a shock that they are from the Purple Label line which means they are far from cheap? The floral shirt is a little more expected but it’s definitely a trend to jump on, just be sure not to pair the shirt with too many patterns or you may look like one of those cliche tourists visiting Hawaii in the 80′s! Enjoy!

Find this at Mr.Porter.com

Find this at ASOS.com

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