Fur Blur: The Debate on Fur and Fashion

Fur has always been one of those controversial topics that come up in fashion that is met with opposition from both sides. It’s chic, warm and fashion-forward especially with the latest designs from both budget-friendly retailers and top designers.

On the Fall runways, fur covered boots, hats, coats, gloves and even bags, showing lavish luxury and sophistication. Designers like Chanel and Michael Kors have stepped up to the plate offering faux-fur turned design-friendly options.

The trendiest faux fur options have popped up in clothing stores such as Express, Macy’s, H & M, and a host of others. Check out the “super-soft” faux fur vest by express.

(MINUS THE) FUR BELTED VEST - Express Clearance $99.99

Whether you believe in fur-alternative or the real stuff, be careful to make sure that you are indeed buying real or faux fur. Recently, on December 18th, President Barack Obama signed the Truth in Fur Labeling Act. This legislation is designed to protect consumers from buying real fur unintentionally essentially by saying that real fur must be labeled as such regardless of the price of the item. Not only will retailers and manufacturers be required to label the fur as real, but they will also be required to tell you the species of the animal, the country of origin and the manufacturer.

So where do you stand when it comes to fur for fashion? Could you substitute faux for real or do you live for fur?

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