Gap Goes Viral… and Mexican?

Do you remember when The Gap was a major retail force to be reckoned with? They were definitely one of the more popular American lifestyle brands, but their popularity waned quite a bit in the past decade. They have gone through a few designers that have tried to overhaul their image everytime, and they have been mildly successful, but apparently not enough to make the execs happy, as they have managed to do away with them to try  another tactic to regain their reign.

Their most recent attempt to reconnect with the masses has manifested in their new ad campaign where they have decided to take us behind the scenes and focus solely on the denim. The company decided to follow the trend and make this a completely viral  campaign which will live on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. It will consist of about 30 videos featuring designers and insiders discussing the creation of the 1969 denim line. The “1969: L.A. and Beyond” videos are documentary style and centered in their design studio in Los Angeles.

“This is the start; one step. This campaign begins to put us on the right course. Longer term, it starts a conversation about the brand.” says Seth Farbman, Gap’s CMO.

Another really fun campaign they are doing is bringing in food trucks to help advertise! They will have a “Pico de Gap” taco truck that will supposedly feature celebrity chefs in New York, LA, Chicago and San Francisco for the next two months. The Taco truck will offer tacos for free if you made a same-day purchase of 1969 denim at a Gap store and show a receipt, or $1.69 for everyone else! Sounds yummy!!!

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