Gap Opens 1969 Store In SOHO

Gap has been slowly reinventing itself over the past few years as they constantly change management in an attempt to remain current and not fall by the wayside. In my personal opinion the Gap brand had become a little dated and the clothes weren’t tailored in a current fashion, but they have managed to step up their game again and release much more flattering clothing once again.

Gap’s new 1969 store in Soho is pretty much all denim, all the time — and that’s a very good thing. Because as we transition from winter into spring, you’re going to want to reconsider how you wear jeans all over again: a slimmer fit with a blazer or sportcoat, and even when you’re pairing the jeans with a t-shirt or polo. You can go all relaxed with a more casual look and pair the denim with a nice hoodie or jacket, and Gap has its whole lineup of signature 1969 fits to help you there.

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